Focusing on quality cigars, craft beer, Scotch whisky and artisan coffee, this bar delivers a truly unique experience.

In the heart of the Aberdeen’s Merchant Quarter, CASC is gaining a reputation as one of the best places to go for a ‘half and half’ in the city.

The bar has over 500 whiskies – with a focus on single casks – an off sales and even a walk-in humidor specialising in Cuban cigars. With a specific focus on single cask, limited releases and independent bottlers, CASC has one of the best selections of Scotch whisky you’ll ever find.

The beers are colour coded by style, a different opportunity that is not often provided. They also do a roaring trade in Hot Toddies, which are particularly good in the winter.

Their passion ensures that the team is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in every aspect of CASC; it’s products and ethos. This bar is definitely a unique experience and is an absolute must!