Scotch and Rye

Scotch and Rye fancies itself as a speak-easy. We’re talking 1920s Chicago folks - and it gets away with it.

So much so that you might just think you have stepped back in time to when the streets were ruled, and we’re quoting the owner here, ‘by unrelenting gangsters, and the drinks inspired by the mind of geniuses.’

Scotch & Rye is basically a homage to the hard working, harder drinking people of that era and you can either raise a dram or a glass of bourbon to them or eat like one of them with one of the bar’s New York & Chicago-inspired burgers or even a hot dog.

Then there’s a great craft beer selection and an equally as imaginative cocktail list to cosy up to. You can also wave goodbye to the weekend with one of their ‘legendary Sunday brunches’ – all with Bloody Mary’ Mimosas, Eggs & great music!