The Highlander Inn

The Highlander Inn reputedly has the largest selection of Japanese whisky in Scotland, if not one of the biggest outside South East Asia

We’re talking around 30 bottles that dominate the back bar of this cosy wee basement space, and all the staff are trained by owner Tatsuya Minagawa to guide you through them all.

The Whisky Bar has been popular throughout the years with local Speyside residents and international visitors from around the world during the week and the weekends, who thoroughly enjoy the great range of bar meals and drinks always available.

If you’re on the Speyside whisky trail, this place is a must-see to enjoy a dram in a relaxed and friendly environment. You won’t be disappointed by the tremendous selection of whiskies, now more than 400 different, and interesting whiskies including a large number of Single Cask Malt whiskies and choice of beers, lagers and spirits.