The Lake of Menteith

The Port Bar at The Lake of Menteith Hotel that’s in the style of a New England Waterfront Inn.

The Waterfront restaurant carries many of the popular 8, 10 and 12 year olds but its Malt Vault is reserved for a few bottles of the special stuff and while you can ogle them in all their glory, they are kept under lock and key!

The Lake of Menteith is Scotland’s only natural Lake and an environmental oasis. On the banks is the Port of Menteith, and for centuries boats have made their way between the Lakeside and the Priory on the Isle of Inchmahome carrying Mary Queen of Scots, Priory visitors, munitions and in more recent years tourists.

In the Port and on the banks you will find The Lake of Menteith Hotel, once the manse for the church.