Whether you are in the Highlands or the Lowlands, the Islands or the West Coast, there is a good chance that there will be a great whisky bar nearby and this guide highlights some of the best places to try.

Scottish Whisky Bars is the online guide that accompanies the Whisky Bars of Scotland publication from Media World.

These days whisky is popular with all ages, and although Scotland is the home of Scotch whisky, our bars all feature a full range of whisky including popular Japanese and American brands too. Whisky can be enjoyed wherever and whoever you are with and with whatever mixer you favour – straight up, with water, ginger ale, soda or in a cocktail. The bar staff in our friendly bars will be happy to oblige.

This is not the definitive list of Scottish whisky bars, and we will be adding more all the time, but I am sure you will agree, there is plenty to get you started.

You can find bars using the directory and you can read about the distilleries here.

This online guide and magazine is supported by our sponsors  Edrington Beam-Suntory, it lists some of Scotland’s top Whisky Bars.

If you know of some you would like to tell us about please get in touch and contact us at editor@dramscotland.co.uk.

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