The Famous Grouse

The History

Founded by Matthew Gloag in 1896, the vision has always been simple: create the best quality blended whisky.

Recognised by the Royal Warrant for its taste, quality and smoothness, first awarded by Queen Victoria and maintained to present day.

Expertly crafted from the finest malt whiskies married and blended with exceptional grain whiskies to create a characteristically smooth and perfectly balanced blend.

The story and the casks of Famous Grouse

Global Brand Ambassador Lucy Whitehall explores the history of Matthew Gloag’s ‘Grouse’ whisky, which grew from humble beginnings in Perthshire, Scotland to become one of the most famous and renowned whiskies in the world.

Follow Stuart MacPherson on his journey to source the finest casks for The Famous Grouse.

The famous Famous Grouse Ads

For over 20 years now Scotland’s most famous bird, Gilbert The Famous Grouse, the iconic bird which adorns every bottle of Scotland’s favourite blended whisky, has entertained us in numerous Famous Grouse TV Adverts. Here are 39 of them!