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Established in the Dunbartonshire estate of Auchentoshan in 1823, the distillery has since changed hands multiple times, and in 1969 it was bought over by hospitality company Eadie Cairns, who began to sell Auchentoshan as a Single Malt through its own hotels and restaurants. Now, the Glasgow-based distillery is proudly owned by Beam Suntory In

Auchentoshan is proud of its process, and is the only Scottish Single Malt distillery to insist on triple distillation for every last drop. The Auchentoshan story is about Distilling Different to create a Lowlands whisky.

At Auchentoshan distillery, time is important. Oak casks play a huge part and influence on flavour – so the distillery spends a lot of time and money selecting them. Auchentoshan’s whisky is matured in casks which held bourbon, sherry or fine wine. A selfless act of recycling? Not quite. It’s an essential step in creating Auchentoshan – the spirit and the wood work together over many years, lending colour and flavour to the finished whisky.

It’s no surprise Auchentoshan spend so much time and effort precisely selecting the right casks, and we highly recommend a visit to Clydebank to experience how it really works!