The Mother Superior

The Mother Superior. What a great name for a bar.

Bartenders set it up during lockdown and as you would expect, this is reflected in its rather superior whisky selection of around 45 with plans to add more over time.

The thinking behind the bar is to make whisky accessible for everybody and especially the unanointed ‘first time’ tasters  – while all are welcome to taste a dram.

We’re betting that some of you film anoraks out there will have already spotted the name of the bar was inspired by the Peter Mullan’s character in the film Trainspotting. This was going to extend to black, white and orange interior like the film’s poster but they stopped short at this and have incorporated these colours with a gunmetal grey that looks as cool as you would expect it to.

There’s also a space in the basement for events as well as being a designated mental health space for bar staff to go for some decompression time.  Or they can even use it to practice karate if they so wish.